Custom Application Development

Custom Application Development

Web Iridium Technologies is a custom application development company based in Hyderabad, India. Over the past few years the company has built websites for a wide range of Indian and offshore companies.

Web Iridium Technologies has full range of custom interactive web application and development services. It lays emphasis on building web applications for customers that help in the development of cost-effective solutions for the most advanced Internet projects.

Web Iridium Technologies expertise in web-based, database applications enhance business processes through the use of latest technologies.

Web Iridium Technologies has developed Client/Server applications, Database applications, and Industry specific applications for numerous companies.

Web Iridium Technologies specialises in building custom web applications. Virtually any ‘dynamic content’ on the web can be considered a web application. Examples include e-commerce shopping cart development, online banking, job boards, search engines, document management systems, discussion boards and online email systems.

Custom Web Application Development Tools we use:-

PHP, MySQL, MS .NET Framework, Visual Basic, HTML 3.2/4.0 DHTML, Flash, Java/JavaScript

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